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Console Log Cloaking

A lightweight security plugin that allows admins to control or hide the display of messages in the browser console.

Image Size Manager

Description The Image Size Manager plugin allows site administrators to configure the automatic scaling of large raster images in WordPress. Since version 5.3, WordPress automatically scales down images whose size exceed 2560 pixels in either width or height. The resized images are renamed with the “-scaled” suffix in the media library. However, automatic rescaling can […]


Automated post redirection management module. Allows the fine-grained, automatic redirection of a custom post to a URL stored in a custom field.


Description MetaShortcode is a lightweight plugin that allows users to display the value any custom (meta) field on the front-end using a simple shortcode. The module can be disabled from the settings page. Important: The module is inactive by default. If you leave the Enabled box unchecked, the plugin will have no effect at all. […]

Random Numbers Generator

Add a shortcode that can display a formatted random number. Easily configure the range and the format, and make values stick.


SparkChart Embed — aka SparkEmbed — is a lightweight module that allows Spark Chart ( users to easily embed satellite surveys in a WordPress post or page using a configurable shortcode. The authors of the plugin are not related to, nor is this an endorsement of the product — and vice versa. The module […]
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