Console Log Cloaking

Hide and control the display of messages in the console.


Console Log Cloaking (CLC) is a WordPress plugin that allows site administrators to configure and block the display of console messages for their users and visitors.

Log messages are notices that appear in, and only in the browser console (F12) at different stages of the page loading and viewing experience. In many cases, log messages are warning or tracking notifications issued by the browser to help users and developers identify the origin of display problems -- problems such as long wait times or irregular action outcomes. Those messages can also be a side-effect of careless, log-happy developers tracking their own code variables. In almost all cases, it is best to avoid displaying those messages to the anonymous site’s visitors, as the content of those messages could provide a window into the inner workings of an application or web page — information such as internal IDs, database connection strings, etc. Such leaking information has the potential of opening serious security problems.

Configuration Options

By default (following the initial activation), CLC will block console log messages for all users and across all message types. Administrators can fine-tune the behavior of the plugin using the following options.

Console Logging

ONEnables console logging.
OFFDisables all console logs for everyone except the logged-in site administrator. This is the default state.


Console logging options

Enable for Roles

[role name]Enables console logging for this specific role.

Enable by Role Options


to enable the display of log message to specific user roles (developers, editors, etc.), as well as determine which type of messages should be hidden. By default, all message types are cloaked.

To configure the behavior of the plugin, simply access the Console Log Cloaking menu from the sidebar.

This plugin will be updated to account for changes in future versions of WordPress, if necessary.

If you encounter any problems with the plugin or need extra related functionality, feel free to contact the authors through the comments or the official plugin page.

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